As a child I spend wonderful hours wandering around in the beauty of Mother Earth. I became a true friend of Nature and always felt a strong connection with Her.
Thanks to my parents I was fortunate to go into the mountains during many holidays. The high peaks felt like my second home and soon I developed a passion for mountaineering and later more specifically for rock climbing. 
In this extreme sport, I found a pure balance between my body and the rock; being One with nature. 
I was lucky to share moments of pure happiness with passionate climbers and it was during this period that I met Werner Van Steen, a climber as well. After many years in which we both went our own way and experiences, we met again in 2011 and in Werner I truly found my Soul mate. After joining one of Werner’s lectures about Nature photography, I finally discovered what I wanted in my life: Back to Nature and share this passion with a fantastic man.
During our travels, Werner introduced me to the magic world of photography and he taught me the necessary skills; I'm so grateful!
Our way of shooting is very different: Werner starts with the perfect picture in his mind and I watch what nature offers me and try to capture this feeling. The great thing is that we both learn from each other.
It is my greatest desire to bring out the beauty of Mother Earth through our photos. Many people often ask to share our pictures on social media, so they can travel with us. 

Dear people, let nature be your guide, in and around you.
Thanks dear Nature for the beauty
Thanks dear Werner for your endless love and taking me to the edges of the Earth
From the deepest of my heart: Thanks for everything...